Jul 30

It is time for change….

It is time that we take seriously the necessary reforms to education in Michigan.  I am extremely proud of the work we are doing in Lincoln Park.  This work involves scrutinizing and overhauling every system we currently have to provide a high quality educational system that meets the needs of ALL of our students while also providing a supportive and quality working environment for our employees.  Please read this article below.


Oct 25

The “Gap”

Another article outlining the alarming “gap” between affluent and “poor” students.  As an educator, it has always frustrated me that we continue to try to “fix” a 16 year old that is behind instead of putting solid programs in place at an early age (birth to 5 years).  These need to be inside and outside of the education arena.  These have to happen if we are able to truly ensure that EVERY child is prepared and is afforded equal opportunities.  I know what we are doing in LP to do our part.  There is so much more that can be done at the regional, state, and federal level.

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Sep 17

Homeless Crisis and Schools

This is truly a crisis in our country!  Poverty is real and it impacts ALL of us.  This Washington Post article really demonstrates the staggering increase of students that are homeless and living in poverty.  These children are at a severe disadvantage compared to their more fortunate peers.  We must find a way to put programs in place to eliminate this devastating statistic!

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Sep 08


While it is understood that there are many factors that contribute to a student’s success or regression, absenteeism is one that is finally getting the needed attention.  Below is a brief article outlining a recent report on chronic absenteeism…especially the “excused” absences.  It is a complicated issue with many moving parts but it is worth our attention.

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